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Whether you want to purchase a new car, boat or caravan or you simply need a loan to grow your business, Mantello Finance will keep you moving forward.

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In the true sense of moving you forward, Mantello Finance Brings to you an entire gamut of Financial Service to enable you or your business to make your next motor purchase hassle free.

Bad Credit Car Loans

We can help you to qualify for bankrupt car finance. Give us a call today or fill out a form, and if you meet most of the bankrupt car finance criteria below, one of our consultants will work with you to find a lender who may be able to help. 

We have relationships with a number of financiers, some of whom specialise in bankrupt car finance. 

You will need to meet the following criteria:

  • discharged from bankruptcy for a minimum of 12 months
  • discharged from a part 9 (we can help immediately)
  • discharged from a part 9 (we can help after 6 months)
  • no defaults following bankruptcy
  • no defaults following a Part 9 agreement unless it can be proven that default was part of the Part 9 transaction or the Part 9 has dropped off credit fill

Pre Approved Car Loans

We can get you pre approved car finance with just one simple phone call. Fill out a form or speak to one of the experts at Mantello Finance to explore the options available for pre approved car finance. We have access to a number of lenders, so we can save you the hassle and headache of shopping around. 

Low Doc Car Loans

We offer low doc car loans that are subject to a different approval process than traditional finance. When securing a low doc car loan, our consultants can streamline the application to minimise the amount of paperwork required. This may suit you if you dont have many records of your previous transactions and credit history. 

Refinance Car Loans

Car refinance is usually a straight forward process and can be facilitated by just one phone call to Mantello  Finance. If you think you’re paying too much, or if your circumstances have changed, a car refinance might be a viable solution – let your finance arrangement change to suit your lifestyle. Car Refinance products offer solutions to customers with current finance agreements.

Operating Lease

With a finance operating lease the monthly cost is determined by multiple factors pertaining to the car including, Kilometres, Make, Model and Term. The finance operating lease repayments are made monthly over a fixed term and upon completion of the contract the vehicle is simply handed back to the financier (subject to terms and conditions).

Company Car Allowance

Mantello Finance are experts in advising how a company car allowance can be used to form the most cost effective car finance solution. If you yourself are an employee, we can speak to you or your employers about your Company Car Allowance scheme to determine the most advantageous way to secure a Car Loan through your business. In some instances this can even come out of your pre-tax wages so you barely even notice the cost.

Car Lease

A car lease is an alternative finance solution to the traditional car loan or hire purchase agreement. With a car lease, you don’t pay off the principal with the goal to own the car. Instead, the finance company purchases the vehicle on your behalf and you pay monthly installments to ‘rent’ the car from the finance company. These monthly installments are often cheaper than a hire purchase agreement and if the vehicle’s use is related to your business, you could potentially make some significant tax deductions.

Leasing is a popular way to finance a new vehicle for business people and can have definite advantages over an outright purchase, especially if you like to upgrade your car every few years.

Things you will need to consider when determining whether a car lease is right for you:

  • Term of lease required
  • Any kilometre restrictions on the lease. Do you travel frequently and clock up a large number of kilometres regularly? 
  • The possibility of an increased insurance premium whilst under a lease term
  • Potential tax benefits

Chattel Mortgage

Mantello Finance are experts in finding you the best chattel mortgage for your circumstances. A chattel mortgage is very similar to the kind of mortgage you would expect to get for your house. For a car chattel mortgage, you can generally borrow money from a lender to purchase a moveable property (the chattel). The lender then secures the loan against this asset (like a property mortgage) and retains the mortgage of until loan has been repaid.

A chattel mortgage finance has its benefits for commercial purposes, it can offer significant tax advantages for you or your business. Giving the business entire ownership of the asset at the start of the contract, chattel mortgage finance is a flexible contract so offers a degree of freedom. There are also flexible balloon payment options available with no early termination penalties.

Hire Purchase

A hire purchase car finance arrangement allows the bank to purchase the car on the cusomter’s behalf and gives back ownership to the individual proportionally over the life of the contract. As the hire purchase car finance contract progresses, you begin to own more of the car. The finance is secured against the car by the financier. The ownership is completely transferred at the end of the contract once all payments have been made.

Novated Lease

The structure requires an employee to lease a vehicle, and the employer pays the lease from the employee’s pre-tax salary. As an employee, you barely notice the difference from your pay-cheque. 

Novated lease features include:

  • Ability to cost effectively package a vehicle
  • Choice of vehicle
  • Terms range from 12 to 60 months
  • Tax savings as repayments are deducted pre-tax
  • Novated Leasing rates are fixed for the term
  • Novated Leasing is totally portable to next employer

Fully Maintained Novated Lease

The structure requires an employee to lease a vehicle, and the employer pays the lease from the employee’s pre-tax salary. As an employee, you barely notice the difference from your pay-cheque. Maintenance, fuel, insurance and all other running expenses are paid out of the lease pre-tax, so you can rest easy that you have budgeted for all your car needs

Fully Maintained Novated lease features include:

  • Ability to cost effectively package a vehicle
  • Choice of vehicle
  • Terms range from 12 to 60 months
  • Tax savings as repayments are deducted pre-tax
  • Novated Leasing rates are fixed for the term
  • Finance includes maintenance, fuel and insurance costs
  • Fully Maintained Novated Leasing is totally portable to next employe


Let Mantello Finance assist you in providing ingenious solutions to all your business equipment finance needs. We provide finance for a varied range of business equipment so you can use your cash work harder for your business.

Computer Finance

By choosing to finance instead of purchasing, businesses and organisations can still obtain the high quality equipment needed for daily operations while also working out a payment plan that fits into the budget.

In the case of computers, we provide a full range of high quality machines, allowing businesses and organisations the chance to supply all employees with the tools needed to complete their work efficiently and effectively. 

This includes desktops and laptops, depending on the company’s focus and needs to create the right working environment for ultimate success.

Earthmoving Equipment Finance

Mantello Finance can secure loans for many kinds of earthmoving equipment including excavators, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, dump trucks and other types of machinery.

The most common methods used in earthmoving equipment finance are asset lease, commercial hire purchase and chattel mortgage. A consultant at Mantello Finance can assist you in determining which approach is perfect for you.

Farm Equipment Finance

Mantello Finance can secure loans for many different types of Farm Equipment including tractors, earth movers, plows, crop dusters and other types of agricultural equipment.

Some of the options for financing farm equipment include commercial hire purchase, chattel mortgage and asset lease. The option that works best for you depends upon your particular situation. The consultants at Mantello Finance can assist you in determining which approach is ideal for you.

Medical Equipment Finance

Medical equipment finance is available for diagnostic instruments, imaging systems, endoscope technology and scientific research devices. Financing is also offered for surgical instruments, operating room equipment, dental tools and other equipment related to the fields of health care and medical science. Mantello Finance can assist you in finding the type of medical equipment loan that best fits your situation. Asset lease and equipment rental are the two most popular forms of financing used in medical equipment finance.

Office Equipment Finance

To help companies achieve their office equipment financing needs, Mantello Finance can provide a wide range of equipment, including a selection of office chairs, filing cabinets, computer desks, and more. Businesses can peruse options based on need and style, making it possible to cater to any office space.

Purchasing office equipment can be costly for many businesses, especially those with smaller amounts of free capital. Platinum Direct Finance can offer top of the line office furniture with financing available. This allows businesses to obtain the office equipment needed to ensure smooth daily operation without having to make the significant investment upfront. Platinum Direct Finance will work with clients to secure the right equipment on a payment plan that fits the company’s current budget and long term goals.

Truck Finance

Financing of a truck, a bus or another type of heavy-duty commercial vehicle can be arranged through Mantello Finance. This form of financing typically applies to trucks and buses of all sizes and weights, tankers and similar vehicles.

The consultanrs at Mantello Finance can assist you in coming up with flexible terms for your truck finance or bus finance. The length of your financing agreement can vary considerably depending on a number of factors, including how often you use your truck or bus, the type of jobs you perform with it and how much wear and tear it is expected to sustain.

Some of the most popular forms of financing available for your truck or bus include a commercial hire purchase, a chattel mortgage or an asset lease.


At Mantello Finance, We understand the importance of having a good work-life balance. Leisure Finance can make your desire become a reality.

Mantello Finance understand what it means to be able to strike a balance between work and life. We want to ensure that you get to enjoy our lifestyle products even sooner.

Mantello Finance has association with specialist finance companies that can make your next leisure purchase a breeze. Be it your next Boat, Caravan or even a Jet Ski, we offer a quick and easy way to finance with a range of flexible repayments from 24 to 60 months – you choose the option that best suits you!

We can also finance your insurance needs as well as accessories. Now there is even more reason to make the most of life.

The following Products can be finance through us:

  • Caravans
  • Motorcycles
  • Scooters
  • ATV’s
  • Outboard Motors
  • Boats
  • WaveRunners
  • Golf Cars


We are working towards becoming a one stop shop for all your finance and insurance needs. Stay tuned here for updates on our Competitive Home Loan Products.


Our Insurance Products help you or your business manage risks and transfer the cost of potential loss to our Insurance Providers. We have industry leading insurance services offered through our market leading partners to ensure that you are protected when the unforeseen happens.

Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance

Cover for vehicles accidentally damaged, stolen or burnt anywhere in Australia. Protection for claims made against you resulting from damage caused to someone else’s property of up to $20 million, plus a range of additional benefits.

Personal Watercraft Insurance

Personal Watercraft Insurance cover for accidental damage, theft or fire anywhere in Australia. Protection for claims made against you resulting from damage caused to someone else’s property of up to $10 million, plus a range of additional benefits including water skiers or aquaplaning liability.

Rider Protection Plus

Cover for the rider of any motorcycle, on or off road, where in the unfortunate event of a motorcycle accident that results in hospitalisation or death, the full policy benefits are paid.

Motor Equity Insurance

Provides protection in the event your vehicle is deemed a total loss through theft, fire or accident by your comprehensive insurer, by insuring the gap between the total loss settlement paid by the comprehensive insurer and the amount required to pay out the related loan balance, subject to policy benefit limits.

Purchase Price Protection

Provides protection in the event your motor vehicle is deemed a total loss through theft, fire or accident by your comprehensive insurer, by insuring the difference between the total loss settlement and the original purchase price you paid for the vehicle, subject to policy benefit limits.

Loan Protection Insurance

LPI products provide protection for your loan obligations when unexpected life events arise, subject to policy benefit limits.

Protection Plus – Consumer Loan Insurance

Provides protection for unforeseeable circumstances, including disability and involuntary unemployment. Protection Plus allows you to dispose of or return your vehicle, releasing you from financial obligations by paying your financier the shortfall, up to the maximum benefit selected. You can also elect to use the Payment Relief additional benefit and keep the vehicle while claiming for an unforeseeable event, subject to the terms of the policy.

Motor Warranty Insurance

Our extended warranties provide protection in the event of a mechanical failure or defect and the confidence that comes from knowing you’re protected long after the manufacturer’s original warranty has expired.

Tyre and Rim Insurance

Our market leading product is a simple and cost effective way to ensure your car or motorcycle remains on the road by providing protection against tyre punctures/damage or any wheel rim becoming cracked, warped or misshapen, subject to policy benefit limits. Optional benefits of emergency accommodation and 24 hour roadside assistance available.

Guaranteed Buyback Insurance

Offers security and protection by providing a ‘guaranteed’ buyback value at the completion of your loan.  When your loan term ends and if the likely market value of your vehicle is less than the Guaranteed Buyback (GBB) value, you can claim the difference between the market value and the GBB value of up to $25,000. We will take possession of the vehicle, pay the financier the residual (or balloon), and dispose of your vehicle.

Novated Lease Protection

Provides involuntary unemployment cover in respect of vehicles under a Novated lease. Two claim options are available:

  • Lease repayment cover – continuation of lease repayments for up to 6 months or $15,000 (including the Initial 1 month payment), or
  • Hand back cover – covering payment of shortfall up to $15,000 to the Lease Company if you sell or surrender your vehicle.

Company Profile


Mantello finance is a part of the Mantello Group, specialising in asset finance and insurance services. Based in Melbourne and established in 2015 we provide customised finance and insurance services to private as well as commercial clients looking to finance their next vehicle, machine, equipment or marine/pleasure craft. We provide various finance and insurance products from the big banks and various finance and insurance companies to suit every client need.

The Mantello Group

Since forming Mantello Holden in 1976, the Mantello Group has sold almost 100,000 vehicles and the business has expanded to include dealerships in Sunbury, which opened in 1997 and Roxburgh Park, which opened in 2001. The Group now has 5 dealerships and 3 franchises namely Holden, Hyundai and Nissan.

In addition to our motor retail businesses our ventures such as GM Leasing have been highly successful in providing effective financial and motor fleet solutions to our clients. Mantello Finance now extends our core strengths in the area of Finance and Insurance Services gained over decades of experience and strong relationships with our financiers.

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service and quality. We endeavour to deliver a hassle free and a pleasurable experience for our clients.

Licenses & Accreditations

ABN: 54 606 112 467, Australian Credit License No: 477734

MANTELLO FINANCE PTY LTD, is licensed as an Australian Credit Licensee pursuant to the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.

To hold an Australian Credit License we must comply with a strict set of regulations designed to promote ethical business practices and consumer protection that include:

  • practice responsible lending guidelines
  • ensure staff are trained and qualified
  • membership of an approved External Dispute Resolution scheme
  • membership of an approved brokers association
  • maintenance of current Professional Indemnity Insurance

The Australian Credit Licensing is designed to ensure protection for consumers when dealing with finance brokers and credit providers.


MANTELLO FINANCE PTY LTD, is an accredited member of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA).
Membership Number: M-330200

As a member we abide by the following FBAA criteria:

  • FBAA code of conduct
  • obtain and hold relevant industry certificates and qualifications
  • provide compliance training to all staff
  • hold professional indemnity insurance
  • hold up-to-date “individual” AML/CTF (Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006)
  • use an approved external dispute resolution service

These requirements ensure you are dealing with a professional organization.


MANTELLO FINANCE PTY LTD, is a member of the Credit and Investments Ombudsman, an external dispute resolution service approved by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Member number: M0030055

By being a member, Mantello Finance Pty Ltd is committed to providing high standards of service and professionalism to clients.

Trusted Business Partners

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